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Sipadan Island / Diving in Black and White

Whenever the subject of scuba diving and photography comes up people always ask if I do underwater photography. Interestingly enough, I don't. Why "interestingly'? Well, I'm a professional photographer and a scuba diving instructor. Diving has been a big part of my life for a long time but it isn't anymore. Photography is. People photography to be exact.

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Niaz and Ryan - Persian/English/Bahai Wedding in Joondalup Resort

As always, the most important thing for me are the photographs. I don't care about the weather, settings, lenses. These are just the tools to create exciting and beautiful images, catch great moments and make people happy.
Sometimes it feels a little like a game. Jumping over fences, climbing tables and trees. Just because I've got a feeling there might be a great photo somewhere over there.

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South Africa in Pictures - Rankin for BBC

Here is something for people interested in Rankin, BBC documentaries or Africa. Rankin is a famous fashion and portrait photographer who goes on a personal journey to Republic of South Africa to explore it's photographic tradition. It's 60 minutes in HD so you can go full screen which is something I sometimes miss when watching documentaries on Youtube.

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