Niaz and Ryan - Persian/English/Bahai Wedding in Joondalup Resort

Niaz and Ryan enjoying last rays of WA sunset, © Piotrek Ziolkowski

I will remember this wedding for a long time. It was one of the biggest and longest weddings for me - all in all 17 hours and 300 people. I've photographed every single person too :) There were almost no delays. Pretty remarkable for such a long day. I have to add though, we did have a solid photo schedule.

As always, the most important thing for me are the photographs. I don't care about the weather, settings, lenses. These are just the tools to create exciting and beautiful images, catch great moments and make people happy.
Sometimes it feels a little like a game. Jumping over fences, climbing tables and trees. Just because I've got a feeling there might be a great photo somewhere over there.

Every wedding brings new possibilities and I try to capture something  new and unique. Maybe because they gave me full control and we had a whole day. Maybe  because I had a good team with me. Maybe because we helped the luck a little I've got some amazing photographs from that day. Thanks Niaz and Ryan for your trust.

Another thing I don't often do but jump at the opportunity every time is "The First Look". Bride and groom seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony. These moments are much more private and I can photograph the reactions the way I like it. There's nothing cooler at weddings than expression on grooms face when he turns to see his girl.

Reception was a big one.  There was so much going on. My personal favourite was the traditional Persian "chair dance" - I've never seen one before and it was great.  I wish someone hoisted me up on a chair so I could be a bit closer to the action :)

There was much going on but I want to keep my blog posts short and sweet. Enjoy.