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"Tete a Tete" Portraits by Henri Cartiere-Bresson

My latest library find is  "Tete a Tete" by one of the greatest photographers of all times - HCB (Henri Cartier-Bresson). HCB is more known for his street photographs than portraiture. It was interesting to find a book concentrating on this less known part of his photographic legacy in my small, local Fremantle library. E. H. Gombrich in his introduction concerns himself more with the concept of a "good" portrait than with work of HCB. I quite liked it actually as he asks some really interesting questions in the process.

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Nikon F100 versus Nikon D600 or film vs. digital

Since I've started my love affair with photography I purchased a lot of cameras yet I am not a gear geek. My first proper camera was handmade matchbox pinhole camera. This is how it all started. When I wanted more control over my pictures I got a canon rangefinder from e bay. After a while my rangefinder wasn't enough and I got a Nikon FE (thanks to Ken Rockwell) than a second hand Nikon F90x and finally my personal film apex a Nikon F100 (new!)

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