Abstract / Perth CBD, Western Australia



or Pre-visualize vs. Instinct in photography

What makes one to take a photo? I've heard there are two types of photographers out there.

First type sees things in their mind. They pre-visualize:  see it in their heads and than take it.

The second type relies on instinct. They don't see things in their mind. This concept is alien to them. How is this even possible?

To me, it doesn't matter how you do it as long and it gets done.

I took this photograph of a building in Perth CBD  a few months ago. I'm looking at it now and see why I took it. The sharp and straight lines contrasting with soft curves. Pure white of mid day sun versus deep black of it's shadow. Did I know it's going to turn his way? No. Was my instinct telling me something and I listened? Definitely...

The other thing is the light here - strong Western Ozzie sun doing what it does best. There is no such thing as "bad" light. There's only unsuitable light.