Amy and Anton / Darlington Estate Wedding

Amy and Anton / Darlington Estate Wedding

Sometimes the weather is just perfect for a wedding.

Amy and Anton had a perfect wedding weather last Saturday. Not too hot, not too cold but just right. Funny how it worked. I gave Amy a call the day before and said it would be perfect if we had some clouds. The next day, behold, we got them :)

Amy and Anton gave me whole two hours between ceremony and reception. So I made it count. The shot above was a result of 5 hours of work. Not on the day, of course. Scouting locations is part of my routine before the wedding day and this is how long it took me to check everything out and come up with this idea. This kind of a shot can only happen at the right time of the day and year - any other time means the setting sun is in the wrong spot. Yes, Darlington Estate, is a very cool place.  Obviously, without Amy and Anton's faith, non of this would be possible. They probably knew it's going to be something awesome. We've done a pre-wedding session :)

The whole day was finished with a massive party on the dance floor. Young danced with young-at-heart, funky colours inspired funky moves, it all looked a bit like the party scene from one of the Matrix movies ;) I've got photos to prove it.

This awesome looking beast of a car came from Thirties Limousines

Magnificent Make-up by Jo Rowan

Coolest Venue in Perth Ever - Darlington Estate