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Best Perth Pre Wedding Photographer / Hui and Kee

There is a pattern among the couples who come to Perth for their pre-wedding session and hire me. They want their photos to be different, unique, creative and full of emotions. This is how they describe my portfolio, not me.

They are adventurous, open minded, fun and very comfortable in their relationship. I don't know how exactly it came to be but this is a description of my ideal client. A few years ago I wasn't sure what I want to shoot but I knew well what I will not. So every pre-wedding photograph I have shown on my blog is exactly what I want to do with my future couples.

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Fun in the Sun / Perth Engagement Photographer

City Beach engagement session with Sarah and Rich

It's hard to imagine by looking at these pictures it's winter time in Perth. But it is :) Today, it actually feels very wintery with all that rain and wind. I'm very happy we had this beautiful weather 2 weeks ago for Sarah and Rich's engagement/pre-wedding session. City Beach has undergone development recently and I photographed an awesome wedding there before. I didn't feel like I've exhausted the "visual potential" however.

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A little airport adventure / Couple photography session

Here's another awesome couple from Singapore visiting Perth. Jesper is a cadet pilot so when Joelle approached me to organize a cool couple session, I got a little excited. Photography is just like everything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out. I wanted this couple shoot to be unique, have the "Australian" feel to it and include the story. Airport and planes was the first and obvious idea but it proved a little difficult to pull off. In the end a bit of luck, daring and goodwill of strangers made it possible for us to spend some time at the Jandakot Airport.

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Pre- wedding session / Gemma and Alan / Perth Hills

For those who don't know me... I'm a Perth wedding photographer who blends fine art and documentary approach to weddings. This is my blog/journal :)

Gemma and Alan are into wine. They also like Perth Hills. A decision to go to Bickley Valley for their pre-wedding session (I call them Be yourselves sessions) was a bit of a no-brainer. Only 30 minutes from Perth and one feels like in Margs. Swan Valley is quite nice too, but to be honest, its' not much of a valley.

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Fremantle Engagement Photos / James and Jenna

It feels to me we somehow skipped spring this year in Perth. I was cold, cold for a long time, warm and sunny for a couple of weeks and suddenly...BAM, it's 37 degrees again. Which is what it was supposed to be the temperature last Saturday. Luckily, Freo Doctor cooled things a bit for us. I'll be photographing James and Jenna's wedding in Margaret River in a few weeks. Due to schedules and work we weren't able to properly get to know each-other earlier. It's no longer the case :)

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Picnicing Away / In the bushes with Monika and Ryan

A lot of preparation went into this picnic. There were ham sandwiches, and hard to find fizzy drinks for Ryan. Monica even got a Polaroid camera so they can have some instant fun. I wish I could tell a bit more about them but some of it was quite personal and very funny. Another awesome wedding is approaching :)

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Morgane and Owen / Perth Engagement Photographer

The pressure is on when a photographer and a photo editor are getting married. And they picked you to photograph it. It's also liberating because they understand the power of images and storytelling. Bells Rapids is a special place to these two and a perfect choice for a relaxed session. I don't like "rushing" my images. Slower pace allows people to be themselves and enjoy the experience. I also have more time to explore, observe and catch moments. 

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Glenn and Ella / 'Be yourselves' engagement session in Fremantle

Glenn and Ella came all the way to Fremantle to see what it's like to be focus of my attention :) Ella kind of knew what to expect as she was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of Nathan and Grace at Caversham House

People are friends with people who are a little like them so I'm expecting another awesome wedding full of awesome people :)

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