The Golden Hour - Sally and Andrew

Sunset, couple session in Fremantle

When Sally saw her sister's Perth pre-wedding session, she wanted one too. I wish I could say she and Andrew came all the way to WA just to jump in front of my camera... but it would be a lie :) Sally's sister surprise Rottnest Island elopement was the true reason. The session was just a cherry on top of that cake :)

Every couple I photographed will say one thing. I like to get off the beaten track and explore when I photograph. New locations and places allow me to create new images. Andrew and Sally got to see a few of Fremantle's less travelled paths. While location scouting for their session, I discovered a place tied to early Fremantle history. A place where, among ruins, one can still find last surviving fruit trees and garden plants.

I also think couples get closer to each-other if they have to jump over a few old walls- it's almost like team building exercise ;)