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Picnicing Away / In the bushes with Monika and Ryan

A lot of preparation went into this picnic. There were ham sandwiches, and hard to find fizzy drinks for Ryan. Monica even got a Polaroid camera so they can have some instant fun. I wish I could tell a bit more about them but some of it was quite personal and very funny. Another awesome wedding is approaching :)

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Glenn and Ella / 'Be yourselves' engagement session in Fremantle

Glenn and Ella came all the way to Fremantle to see what it's like to be focus of my attention :) Ella kind of knew what to expect as she was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of Nathan and Grace at Caversham House

People are friends with people who are a little like them so I'm expecting another awesome wedding full of awesome people :)

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Stephanie and Dale / pre-wedding session in Fremantle

Stephanie and Dale are getting married in a few feeks. It was time to do a cheeky engagement/pre-wedding session. The super woman Stephanie has 3 jobs at the moment - time is precious for these guys. I mean Lord of the Rings precious. I was thinking happy and positive thoughts for two days trying to mentally influence the weather. And it worked, the weather was fine.

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