Fremantle Engagement Photos / James and Jenna

Pre Wedding session of James and Jenna in Fremantle

Morning, engagement session of Jenna and James in Fremantle. With Bicycles.

It feels to me we somehow skipped spring this year in Perth. I was cold, cold for a long time, warm and sunny for a couple of weeks and suddenly...BAM, it's 37 degrees again. Which is what it was supposed to be the temperature last Saturday. Luckily, Freo Doctor cooled things a bit for us. I'll be photographing James and Jenna's wedding in Margaret River in a few weeks. Due to schedules and work we weren't able to properly get to know each-other earlier. It's no longer the case :) Fremantle will always be one of my favourite places to photograph people in love. Maybe it's my Polish origins and growing up in a place with nearly eleven hundred years of history. Fremantle reminds me of home I guess. It is also very quirky and I can always find new places for photography.