Best Perth Pre Wedding Photographer / Hui and Kee


Winter Perth pre-wedding session

There is a pattern among the couples who come to Perth for their pre-wedding session and hire me. They want their photos to be different, unique, creative and full of emotions. This is how they describe my portfolio, not me.

They are adventurous, open minded, fun and very comfortable in their relationship. I don't know how exactly it came to be but this is a description of my ideal client. A few years ago I wasn't sure what I want to shoot but I knew well what I will not. So every pre-wedding photograph I have shown on my blog is exactly what I want to do with my future couples.

Seeing people open up in front of my camera is an amazing feeling. And I want every photo to tell a story about them and how they feel. Every couple is one of a kind and unique - there is no one like you in the whole world...

It often surprises my clients how comfortable they feel. And how easy it is to show genuine emotions.

Hui and Kee were no exception. We experimented and played with light, we played with colours - those reds on green are not a happy accident. Some of my favourite images happened very early into the session. That surprised me as the soft romance usually develops towards the end of the session.

Also, how cool is the glasses shot? Totally unplanned shot - Kee was cleaning his glasses and I saw Hui through them which was the base of the idea. Anyway, enough of me rambling. Enjoy the images.