Stephanie and Dale / pre-wedding session in Fremantle

Stephanie and Dale/ pre-wedding session in Fremantle

Stephanie and Dale are getting married in a few feeks. It was time to do a cheeky engagement/pre-wedding session. The super woman Stephanie has 3 jobs at the moment - time is precious for these guys. I mean Lord of the Rings precious. I was thinking happy and positive thoughts for two days trying to mentally influence the weather. And it worked, the weather was fine.

There is this one courtyard in Fremantle that is usually locked up. It's a very cool looking place with olive trees and brick wall background. I really like shooting there but climbing fences is frown upon by City Council. However, last Sunday it was open :)  Within 5 minutes I had the above shot and everything was beggining to roll smoothly and in the right direction...

This is Stephanie and Dale. Click at any of these funky shots to view them in lightbox. Love is awesome.