Dan and Courtney / Pre-Wedding Shenanigans in Kings Park

Winter sessions have 2 things in common: great light and the rain factor. If it's not raining it's beautiful. If it's raining it's misarable.

Last Saturday was almost perfect. Amost, because the ground was a little wet and I like lying on the ground for some shots. I used to lie even on the ground just a little wet but I ruined my favourite t-shirt 3 weeks ago during a portrait shoot. 

Looking at these pictures it's hard to imagine Dan and Courtney were a bit nervous before the session. Which is always the case by the way. Every single time. No one really believes me when I say my-prewedding sessions are fun :)

My plan was to take photos full of character:  something that shows their personalities and what are they like when no one is watching. I think we're ready for the wedding :)

This is Dan and Courtney. Click at any of these photos to view them in lightbox. If you haven't found your photographer yet, send me a message :)