Amy and Anton / pre-wedding session in Swan Valley

Amy and Anton / pre-wedding session in Swan Valley

Amy and Anton's wedding is happening soon. It was time to organize their pre-wedding session. This is my take on those engagemnt/pre wedding sessions: it's the best way to get "camera ready" for the wedding and it benefited every single couple I photographed. I actually think they are so important to the wedding experiance, I include one in every wedding package I offer.

My area is Fremantle (love shooting here) when it comes to weddings and e - sessions but Amy and Anton wanted to go to Swan Valley. Which was perfect as I really wanted to go to this one semi-secret spot of mine. This spot has this cool looking, old Chevy truck and as it turns out - Anton is into cars - he's rebuilding one right now. It was supossed to be ready for the wedding but thing got in the way.

Amy told me, he also has the amazing ability to make friends with people. I briefly considered pointing at a random stranger and saying: "Go make friends with this guy" to see if it's true :D

As anyone can see, they make eachother laugh all the time. Amy was snatched by Anton when she was 18 and they've been together since. One more thing, she insisted I tell everyone she catches more fish than Anton*

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* This is not entirely true. A does catch more fish but did not isist on me saying that :)