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Street Portraits - Fremantle

A few oldies from the bottom of the drawer/Lightroom ;) All of them were shot with my trusty   Nikon F100  - my last film camera. Street portraits are portraits of strangers, which means I know nothing of people I photographed... We as people actually like looking at others but social conventions make it nearly impossible. Only children and "mad ones" are completely unrestricted in this regard. 

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Street Photography - Perth #4

I photographed the girls at the top in Fremantle Markets. They were a bit shy at first but got over their fear very fast. The laughing women posed for a second and I took one shot, she moved away but I continued shooting this is why she burst out laughing. The "evil stare" happened in the Markets as well, it's such an interesting scene. So much is going on there.

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Street Photography - Fremantle

Fremantle isn't Metropolis and things happen mostly around Cappuccino Strip which is a main street of Fremantle. People on weekends are a bizarre mix of tourists, locals, people from Perth CBD, teens, buskers and performers and random crazy people. I am quite often taken for a tourist when I am out shooting (as long as I get the shots-I don't care)

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