Street Photography - Fremantle

Wide Range of Girls - or the power of timing, framing and bad grammar - Piotrek Ziolkowski, Fremantle, 2013

A few photographs from the last couple of weeks. Some of them are not strictly "street" but I like them anyway. Fremantle isn't Metropolis and things happen mostly around Cappuccino Strip which is the main street of Fremantle. People on weekends are a bizarre mix of tourists, locals, Perth CBD crowd, teens, buskers and performers and random crazy people. I am quite often taken for a tourist when I am out shooting (as long as I get the shots-I don't care).

Street photography requires a wide angle lens (or at least 50 mm) for a few reasons: you have to get close to fill the frame, it gives your photos the feeling of being in the middle of the action, closeness and intimacy, depth of field is greater even with larger apertures so you can prefocus your lens (you can do it with any lens of course) and shave a sec of you response time... There is a saying among street photographers 'Telephoto is for cowards" - take it with a pinch of salt but there is truth in there. If you have big, shiny cohones, you will get good photographs.

A bit of an abstract street photography here - I can't quite understand what do I like about this scene, but like I do... Perth CBD

What do you get when you put a Bad Piper, a Guy on a wheelchair and a Drunk Wizard in the same room? A semi fight situation to the rhythm of strange Scottish music. Fremantle.

This looks a bit like a badly advanced film photo, doesn't it?  Colour on one side, greyish whites on the other and the drainpipe being a clear border between them. Henry Street in Fremantle - a popular spot among wedding photographers. Shot taken cowardly with my new 85 mm lens - I was testing it.