California Photo Studio - Photographing Zanzibar

Zanzibar, © Piotrek Ziolkowski

Crazy and wonderful Africa... My biggest regret about Zanzibar is not exploring it enough. I wish I had my current camera and the skills back then - not very useful thoughts but true. 

I'm planning to come back and see the place with different eyes, ask more questions and maybe get lost with my camera once or twice. People tell me Zanzibar changed since my time there - another case of a lost paradise. Beautiful because different, simple and undiscovered - and then they start laying foundations for the next hotel and the fishermen have to find another spot for their boats...

I never ventured inside this place, never talked to a lot of people there but in a way I was a different person. Zanzibar changed this a little bit or maybe started the change. Not that Zanzibar has any special powers - change your country, culture, language and people around you for a year and you are bound to come back a slightly different person.

I can't remember who said it but staying in one place your whole life is like reading only one page of a book.