Leila and Conor / Where it all began

Some time ago I've photographed the wedding of Leila's sister, Kara.  I'll be Leila's photographer too when her big day comes. It looks like there is a lot of trust in me in Di Toro family :)

Leila and Conor have known each-other since they were 12 years old. They started dating when they were 16, and the day when they get married will be their 10th anniversary together.

10 years is a long time - look at all these letters. One could very easily create a book telling a story of their relationship and use nothing but them. It's something quite special in the age of txt msg.

Point Walter is where it all officially began. This is when Conor proposed, and what's even more important, this is where Leila said yes :) By pure chance, the exact spot was only meters away. He's coffee, she's tea, both love books and they're getting married in Fremantle.

Currently Leila really wants to get 2 pet chickens but Conor is not entirely convinced yet. Help Leila by texting Conor, or even better, by sending him a letter (friends only).