AQWA Wedding of Glenn and Ella / Perth

AQWA Wedding of Ella and Glenn / 2016, Perth.

AQWA Wedding of Ella and Glenn / 2016, Perth.

Ella and Glenn / AQWA Weddingstory

Most of the weddings I photograph take place South of the River. A wedding on the other side is always an exciting event for me. New places mean new images :) Ella and Glenn's wedding at AQWA was exciting indeed. This was my first AQWA wedding and the place didn't disappoint. The view from the venue is amazing and we even spent some time photographing in the aquarium itself. The cherry on top of my inner cake was the last few photographs before the start of the reception. Some people have seen one of them already. I'm not a fan of fake veil shots but I do love a moment when nature creates a perfect and genuine opportunity for one. And Ella's veil belonged to the "impressively long" category. Climbing things seems to be part of my weddings :)

It's always hard to show the "weddingstory".  All the great moments, emotions and little things that made it special make it hard to choose. It always starts simply and than grows and grows. In my head, Glenn and Ella's weddingstory intertwines with a story of her "sister form another mister' and maid of honour, Grace. Her wedding at Caversham House was also a pleasure to photograph.

Big thanks to Brad Whitelock - one of the most popular Perth celebrants. His sense of humour is second to none :)

PS. I like the loose strap, it kept slipping the whole day and thus became part of it :)