Sony DSC RX-100 for street photography - review.


I got my hands on DSC RX-100 some time ago for a water related project. My diving friend lent me one along with a nice underwater housing. I couldn't help myself to take out a few times to see how it fits into my street work. Here are my thoughts:

  • Camera is heavy for its small size which is a good thing - it's made mostly of metal. Feels solid in my hand and looks sleek
  • It's small size makes you look unprofessional on a street and this is what you want people to think. No one pays attention.
  • Carl Zeiss made lens
  • Auto focus - fast
  • Manual focus option available for those who like to use zone focusing - (no scale though so you have to wing it a bit)
  • Shutter button is very sensitive - in a burst mode you can't help but take multiple shots.
  • Which brings me to the next thing - shutter is very, very quiet. Close up no one will hear you take the shot.
  • Dials and buttons - a bit too small for my hands but this is to be expected from a camera of this size. I would appreciate a few more customizable dials and buttons for things like exposure compensation, ISO etc.
  • You can shoot RAW - great :)
  • Charging is a bit awkward as you just plug the camera to the charger. So if you have the spare battery you need to put it in and then charge.
  • High ISO produces images with not too much noise thanks to its larger than the rest of the pack sensor.
  • It would benefit from an external grip to make holding  more secure

Over all a very capable street camera. It's unobtrusive and produces nice images. Have a look. Don't forget to subscribe or check the rest of my site

Perth, ©Piotrek Ziolkowski

Snoop Dog in his overrated glory, ©Piotrek Ziolkowski

Perth, ©Piotrek Ziolkowski

Fremantle, ©Piotrek Ziolkowski