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My wedding images in Photoreview Magazine

When I started this thing called “being a professional photographer” a few years ago I wrote a list. The list wasn’t all about my photography goals but they were there. Back then I wasn’t even sure what sort of photography will be my thing. I just knew landscapes were boring and people were not :) I wrote my list, put it in my wallet and forgot all about it.

Fast forward 4 years and I receive my copy of Photoreview Magazine. Inside are my wedding photos. The feeling of seeing my own name on the front page is unreal. I can see it there but it’s hard to believe. Every photo looks exactly how I wanted it to look…

Then I remembered my list. And there it was:

“ I want to have my photos published in a magazine”.

Moral of the story? I don’t know…

I haven’t really worked towards this goal, I did forget about the list for nearly 4 years and I’m not even a list person. But it’s nice to have one’s work noticed and all the brides were super excited when they found out :)

Oh, the other interesting this was how it all came to be. Turns out, the the author of the article was looking for a wedding photographer with artistic approach and whose work was different from the mainstream. After many hours of googling he found me :)