Ian and JJ / From Singapore with love

From Singapore with Love / JJ and Ian

A fun session in Fremantle was part of Ian and JJ's plan for their Australian holidays (and future wedding collage/album). It was nice to finally see them in person. We spent quite a lot of time talking about the session via e mails and skype but it's not quite the same. Un-australian cold surprised us a little bit but this is why someone invented jackets :)

I still considered ourselves lucky. It could have rained. Like the day before. When I was shooting a wedding in UWA (it still was an amazing day and I've got amazing photos - but no one wants rain on the wedding day). I digress however.

I really like what Ian said about their relationship: " they have a similar cerebral frequency, intelect meets chemistry and half the time he doesn't need to complete his sentences".

Ian clearly has got a way with words :)

JJ is Yoga, Ian is Playstation, both love good food and travel.  I'm very happy they've chosen me to photograph them.

Ian and JJ