The First Dance- Fremantle Wedding Photographer

I was making something a bit different for Simin, whose wedding I photographed recently and I started to think about the whole idea of the first dance.

I'm 99% sure the first thing any men thinks about when he hears the words "First Dance" spoken is: "I will look like a complete idiot". It's because we all, deep down, feel we should be chucking spears at animals not prancing around to sounds. Sometimes however, we must.

So girls, be kind and pick a slow song :)

There is always a small chance that your man isn't too bad to look at on the dance floor. In this case, pick anything you like, do have a little practice run and go wild on the day :)

The song you choose will mean something to you both, remind of a special moment. Why not sharing the story behind it with all your guests? Just a grab a microphone and say a few words, you'll make it just a bit more special for everyone, including you guys.

Oh, If your man needs some advice on writing a groom's speech... Follow the link.