Upper Reach Winery Wedding / Krystle and Scott

Upper Reach Winery Wedding

Swan Valley Less Travelled

There are places you like the moment you see them. I love venues that are a little different, not too big and not too small. Venues with lots of light and places which I can use creatively. And Upper Reach Winery was just like that. I don't know how Krystle and Scott found it but I'm happy they did. It's a part of Swan Valley which still has a very homely feel to it.

Under the big blue, winter sky they got married. The things I remember are the things that stood out to me and made it special. Fist bumps. The awesome dress by Peter Trends  Little Riley running across the train when no one was paying attention. To colours around us and the feeling of being far away from the the hustle of a big city. Soft sunset and eating grapes on the way back to the restaurant.

But enough of the words. Let's have some photos :)

If you know someone getting married, send them my way :)