Gosia and Alex / Another Freo Wedding

Gosia and Alex / Another Freo Wedding

This is what happens when rain goes away mid day - an amazing sunset.

It just happened that me Gosia and Alex were on the Coogee beach ready to pounce on it :) And pounce we did. I remember, when I was preparing their engagement session blog post, one thing stood in my mind: " Quietly in love". This still is how I'd describe what's between them.

I love the small and intimate weddings - they are always full of interesting and real moments: everyone is there because they are important and they matter. No one pretends and everyone is happy to share the moment.

Coogee Beach Life Surfing Club turned out to be an amazing venue. Only a 10 minutes from Fremantle, 30 seconds from the beach and fantastic and spacious terrace. It is one of those places that offer a lot for not too much. Tis image at the top, one of my favourites from the day would no be possible anywhere else. We had only 15 minutes, and we made/pounced on it ;)

The love truly showed on the beach... see for yourself...

Wedding area: Fremantle

Ceremony:  St. Patrick's Basilica, Fremantle

Reception: Coogee Beach Life Surfing Club

Magic:  all the time