Tarrant and Cecelia / Fully Fremantle Wedding

Tarrant and Cecelia / Fully Fremantle Wedding

As the name suggests this was mainly Fremantle event.

Cecelia and Tarrant like things quirky and different so Fremantle was a perfect choice for a wedding.

Anyone choosing to get married here is cool by default. Anyone hiring an Ice cream truck (or to be more precise Ice Pop's Truck) is a trend setter of coolness. At one point 80% of all the guests have been seen in a semi-bent position with an ice pop in a hand. I wasn't quite convinced, at first, about the whole idea so I ate 3.

New venue in town - Distribution Lane - served awesome ambience with awesome food and lots of fun have been had by everyone.

ps. I've been looking forward to seeing Cecelia in her bird-cage since their engagement photos we took in Perth CBD. I love this image sooo much.