Bob Marley, Iranian Revolution and Barak Obama

The common denominator here is David Burnett - great photojournalist who shot quite a few iconic people and events of the last 40 years. Please watch the video first (24 minutes)  and than visit his personal website. He comes across as a really nice and funny guy (I loved the puddles story). There isn’t much in terms of photo advice in this video but there is a lot of background information, anecdotes and stories. You should also watch it if you liked the movie Argo, are a fan of Bob Marley or Barak Obama. David photographed Marley and Obama and spent some time covering Iranian revolution of 1979.
He also likes to do things his own way. When other photographers at London 2012 Olympics were busy changing lenses and checking histograms on their cameras, David was quietly using his 4×5 Speed Graphic camera and Aerial reconnaissance lens, both from the 1940s). Quite a character isn’t he?