Rottnest Island Elopement / Complete Freedom

Rottnest Island Elopement / complete freedom

I understand now, why there are photographers out there shooting only elopements. From start to finish it feels like a great, fun adventure. Rottnest Island is a beautiful place to get married. There are so many little secret beaches and bays along the coast line. So many visually stunning locations. So many spots where you just want to get lost and explore. Classic weddings always involve a compromise. Things have to start and finish at certain times, guests have to be looked after.

If you elope, all these inconveniences go away. If you also happen to have a car (it can be organized with help from Rottnest Island Authority :) the whole island opens up.

I've never felt so much artistic freedom before. L and S (initials only and they are a very private couple) told me to do my thing the best way I can. They wanted to have an amazing time together and an amazing photos to remember the the by. And amazing it was. I've never packed so much adventure, love and emotions into one set of images. Truth be said, their North Fremantle engagement/be yourselves session came close.

So, elope people! And get me involved! Brave and adventurous couples need someone like-minded to capture it :)