Quirky WA Rowing Club Wedding

Quirky WA Rowing Club Wedding

Quirky WA Rowing Club Wedding of Jo and Ryan

Jo and Ryan combined quirk and tradition together. We actually spent some time together before the ceremony. Ryan got a first look of Jo away from everyone, in a private. I love photographing The First Look as it's called in the biz of wedding photography. Away from a prying eye emotions often fly high.

The balcony was a last moment find but (it's Westin btw) what a cool find it was. Where else can you dance with this view literally at your feet :)

On the way to WA Rowing Club I discovered/explored my new secret Perth CBD location :) It made Jo and Ryan look like they were in a different country.

WA Rowing Club is one of these spots I passed many times and never new it was a wedding venue. It's at the top of my list of unique Perth wedding venues. Much joy and fun was had by everyone there including me. What made me happy was that shot at the very end :)

All the best Jo and Ryan

ps. How cool was Ryan's jacket and Jo's dress!