Pre Wedding Photographer Australia

Pre Wedding Photographer Australia

Pre Wedding Artistry of Light, Moment and Location

When I photograph pre wedding sessions I go by this motto. It captures all that is important to create a stunning set of pre wedding images. And when I say stunning, I really mean it. I want my couples to be speechless when they see their prewedding photos.

Sam, Clement and I went on a little journey and combined all their special places. We talked, discovered, laughed and photographed. We spent over 8 hours in total together spread over 2 days. When I have a session like this, very quickly, it feels like I’m photographing friends not clients.

I had a very good idea what Clement and Sam wanted visually from the session without going into the details. From experience, it’s good to have a solid, general plan but also be open to unexpected and improvisation. I embrace the challenges time and weather occasionally throws at me - this is what lies behind the concept of “Creative Limitation”.

But enough of words, photographs speak louder than.