Splendid Sandalford and Stylish Courtney + Swanky Cal

Perth Creative Wedding Photographer


Swan Valley is one my favourite places in WA. I really like the relaxed atmosphere matching the slow run of Swan River and the multicultural background. So I was obviously excited for Courtney and Cal's wedding at Sandalford Wines. They booked me without a meeting me in person first which is always a good sign. They really loved my portfolio and there isn't a photographer doesn't like hearing that ;)

I had a really good feeling for their wedding day when I went for a little scout of the Sandalford Wines. Some venues loose light really quickly around the sunset but that's not the case with Sandalford. I knew we're going to be ok up until the sunset itself.

The day was filled with genuine moments and fun. I loved watching the interactions between Courtney and Cal and their wedding guests. My absolute favourite part was the time when I had them just to myself. Away from everyone, to capture the real them as a couple and as individuals. This is what true wedding photography is to me.

Here's their Sandalford Wines Wedding and their weddingstory.