Cottesloe Civic Centre wedding / Clare and Josh

Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding

Outdoor, garden wedding in iconic Cottesloe

One day Josh surprised Clare with an engagement ring in the middle of a photo shoot. I knew what was coming as Josh called me the day before to give me heads up. A year later or so later I had a pleasure to photograph their wedding in Cottesloe at the Civic Centre. Their wedding venue of choice was Blue Duck. Located just on the beach 10 minutes away from the gardens of Civic Centre.

This day felt like a first day of summer. The sun has finally arrived and decided to stay. There's a few things that stand out when I think about that Saturday.

I've seen quite a lot of veils so far but they never made an impression on me visually. Until Clare put hers on... I absolutely love the shot of her standing in the corridor (yes, I took this image in the corridor). It wouldn't be the same without the veil gently sculpting her head. Clare laughed at me ten minutes prior because I was making excited noises while looking at the back of my camera ;)

The little touches. The whole day was full of them: her mum's wedding gloves, still stained with lipstick from years ago. The home made photo booth. Passionate ceremony with references to African wildlife (elephant, rhino and lion? or was it a buffalo not a rhino?) Quality on the dance floor. And I mean proper quality. A few times during the reception, while watching the dance floor, I kept thinking to myself: "Wow, these people can dance".

My only regret is not seeing the glitter cannon go off and somehow missing the biltong during the reception. 

This is the story of the day. These are my favourite images.