Zee and Sean / Private, backyard wedding in Perth Hills

Candid wedding Photography Fremantle / Piotrek Ziolkowski

They have met only a few months ago. And these few months was clearly enough. I guess sometimes you just know. Which is a little funny as we've met only 3 days before the wedding. They make decisions fast :)

They really wanted to be able to incorporate Fremantle and the its beaches somehow. So we went to a couple of my semi-secret spots. This cool looking tree below is very Freo, isn't it? It must have been guerilla knitted quite recently. I knew I can do something awesome with it, the moment I saw it the day before. And the silhouette at the top? It's a perfect image... So much emotion captured in one gesture, the way Sean's hand is mirrored by the line of Zee's neck...

The couple part of wedding photography is always my favourite. It's rewarding to see people opening up in front of my camera and truly enjoy the process. So today - just couple session highlights.