Leila and Conor / Fremantle wedding with a splash/dash of rain

Fremantle Wedding Photos

Wedding in Whaler's Tunnel in Fremantle? Why, yes :)

I'd like to think some of the images I shot on the day, turned out great only thanks to the rain and wind.

There's a little alley behind the Roundhouse in Fremantle. They didn't have lots of time but Conor got to see Leila there. A quiet moment just for two of them away from everyone else and just before the ceremony. The rain made it a bit more romantic, I think.

However, some plans had to be changed at the last moment. Nothing major mind you, just the ceremony location... It all worked out pretty well in the end. Nothing weather has thrown at them seemed to spoil their mood.

And if it wasn't for the wind while we were on the boat...