Melita and Anthony /Lamont's Bishops House Wedding

Melita and Anthony / Lamont's Bishops House Wedding

The dangers of falling in love with your landlord. Which is what happened to Anthony and Melita. Anthony being the landlord ;)

St. Columba Church in South Perth is one of my favourites. I always look at things from the photographer's perspective so I really like how bright the inside is (well, as far as churches go :)

There's the view as well. It's pretty cool when you can almost see your venue from the Church across the water. There's something a bit surreal about Lamont's Bishops House. Brick among glass and steel - a little of old Australia in the heart of new. There's nothing surreal about the food there. Simply amazing :)

Ithink I broke my own personal record by accident. I kind of forgotten about the food and later realized I've got only 5 minutes to eat before the second round of speeches starts. I managed :)

The music was awesome, speeches were funny AND moving - there were a few people crying here and there.

It was one of those really good weddings... How cool are these jenga messages :)