My Fuji X100T and me /We'll be very happy together

Well, I got Fuji X100T here in Perth (Camera Electronics) a few months after if was released. What made me buy it? It's small, silent, highly customizable, capable, provides great colours and just works. I wanted a camera that does not attract attention. My DSLRs are big and heavy, I got tired of lugging one around.

It also had great reviews from photographers I respect.

I got a thumb grip for it, so my big manly hands can hold it comfortably and a lens hood. All that from third party suppliers, original Fuji stuff was stupidly expensive for what it was. The camera wasn't cheap either but I think of it as an investment in my craft.

Coming back from DSLRs a few things I find annoying. I don't like the  moving edges of the optical viewfinder. Manual operation feels clumsy to me due to small buttons and dials. These are little things really (so no biggy :)  I can live with this. I did want something that isn't a DSLR after all.

Buy only if you're really serious about photography and want small, capable camera that you can have always with you. I got it for my personal work and street photography.

Enough writing though. Enter pictures. Click to view in lightbox.