Arna + Kade / Bridgeleigh Reception Centre

Arna and Kade / Bridgeleigh Reception Centre

I don't know if I'm lucky or I just attract the right people but this was another really cool and happy wedding. Happy is the right word here - Arna could not stop smiling and laughing during the ceremony but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

I think a key to a cool wedding is a cool engagement photo session - you get to know each-other a bit better and realise (the couples do, I already know that) that being photographed isn't terrible really. It's kind of fun and cool at the same time. We had lots of great photos from Arna and Kade's engagement session in Fremantle so I knew I'll have good stuff from the wedding too :)

Wedding days are always a bit unpredictable regardless of planning. Sun came out on the day and I went with plan B which was to use the grounds around the Bridgeleigh Reception Centre as a setting for the Bridal party photographs. The one at the top is definitely going to my main wedding gallery :)

Reception was all about fun with friend and family (FFF) There were oysters galore, Maori speeches, interesting stories about these two, funky tunes by Summer Club Band, impromptu singing in a surprisingly good voice, and a massive party on the dance floor. Have a look - Arna and Kade's wedding in 52 photographs, click and enjoy.