Take the shot no matter what - Street Photography.

© Piotrek Ziolkowski, 2014

Photo unrelated.

I have just missed a possibly good shot. I had my camera out and was just about to make the move when a guy walked up to me and asked a few questions about my camera. Then he asked how much would I charge for a portrait. Conversation was pretty normal up to this point, by the way. I offered my business card and advised to have a look at my pictures first.
- 'Wow, you sound like a marketing person. I bet you studied Chemical Engineering or something like this. ' - he said.
- 'I actually studied Cultural Anthropology'
-That's even worse, (faint alarm bell started to ring at this point) because when the Martians get here (LOUD alarm bell rang) they'll look at us and think"Wow, they are not worth of saving"

I've promptly abandoned this ship...

This whole time, I was watching the scenario I wanted to photograph out of the corner of my eye. Slowly disintegrating into nothing special... I should have taken the bloody shoot.

So, If you see it, shoot it.