London Baby, street photography.

What an exiting city London is. So much is going on, so many things to photograph. When it's not raining of course :) Some photos came to me after a few days - Nelson's Column wasn't making any visual sense until yesterday when I found the right spot.

The other great thing about London is that no one pays any attention to you - even when you're standing on a concrete block at a busy intersection. Well, except for those two ladies on a sightseeing bus :)

From a street photographer's perspective London is much more attractive than Perth. There are layers upon layers of people, history, styles and cultures. This mix creates environment perfect for street shooters. People seem to be used to weirdos too :) and this is how a regular member of public sees street photographers.

Not all of my photographs from London are purely street of course, but they fall into reportage/my taste of London category. So they stay.

I wish I had more time to just explore on my own... Duty calls however and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow.

For visually orientated:

  • go to the National Portrait Gallery (I saw exhibition of photographs by David Bailey over there - most famous British celebrity photographer)
  • Tate Modern - excite your creative side of brain with works of Picasso and Kandinsky among others.
  • Want to stock up on photography books or prints by giants of photography (among others) like Sebastiao Salgado or Eliot Erwitt? Go to Photographers Gallery
  • the rest of my blog :)

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