Claire and Aidan / Wedding at cool and funky Moore and Moore

Moore and Moore Wedding / Fremantle wedding Venues

When two adventurous and strong willed people get married, they do things their own way. The wedding venue is the cool and quirky Moore and Moore in Fremantle. The ceremony happens inside and they decide to do "First Look" just before. It's usually very charged and short but this was not the case with Claire and Aidan.

Charged it was but short it wasn't :) We went for a little walk to take advantage of the cool architecture of Freo heritage West End and the soft, sunset light. All the emotions and excitement stayed with us all the way to Moore and Moore when the second wave hit :) The ceremony.

Amazingly, there was a third wave of emotions. During the speeches, to everyone's surprise, Aidan and Claire revealed they are expecting a baby. They had an envelope with a note saying if the baby was a boy or a girl. No one, not even them, knew what the note said. So they opened it up.

You can actually see the reaction of both of their mums. And there's some fist pumping involved. They both guessed it's a boy by the way. Hence the candy bags :)

 No seagulls were photo-shopped during this event. The placement is a combination of luck and timing :)

Here's Claire and Aidan's weddingstory and the 3 waves they surfed on their wedding day. Live Wedding Art by Shakey.